Southern District Dragon Cultural Education Festival - Dragon Calligraphy

This year, which is the Year of the Dragon, the Southern District Joint Schools Conference and the Hong Kong Southern District Celebration Association organized the 'Southern District Dragon Cultural Education Festival'. The theme was 'Dragon Culture Education,' aiming to promote traditional Chinese culture. Our school was one of the co-organizers. On April 26th, a 'Dragon Calligraphy Event' was held, with participation from 18 primary, secondary, and kindergarten schools in the Southern District, along with education officials. Seven calligraphy centers also participated in a simultaneous broadcast. Our school's Chinese Language and Visual Arts Department arranged F2 students and students from other friendly schools to participate in the event. Students combined their works to create a large dragon character, which was showcased through time-lapse videos and aerial footage, allowing them to inherit the culture of the dragon.”


It's wonderful to see schools celebrating and passing down cultural traditions!